5 thoughts on “The Mobilize Manifesto, five years into the mobile revolution”

  1. Om–thank you for this piece and articulating from a different side many of the things I think about, work in and blog a bit about.

    My point of view and interest has always been how we behaviorally are changing and how we market and buy as this vision comes to fruition.

    I don’t travel to the West Coast for events much. If I had known about this one I would have. This is a conversation I have with myself often so would be good to join the group.

    Terrific piece.

    1. Arnold

      Thanks for the kind words. I am sorry you are unable to travel to the west coast, but I will make sure I share my thoughts post Mobilize with you (and others) and wait for your feedback. I think we should have the stream running as well, though Internet gods tend to change their mind about ability to access 😉 That said — Connected Everywhere is going to change who we really are as a race.

  2. Om,

    One missing piece in the internet of things equation is the notion of “composition,’ basically the idea that once all of these devices can expose service layers in a reliable fashion, this atomicity will enable creation of a plethora of agile services.

    This would open the door to a marketplace of monitoring, curation and extension services in fields as varied as delivery logistics, on-reman printing, home security monitoring and location based experience marketing.

    The high-level idea isn’t new — Sun was pushing Jini back in the late 90’s, and I did a startup trying to solve a similar set of problems in that same time frame (Rapid Logic, now part of Intel) — but the field of play is finally ripe for publish, subscribe, compose to take root in a big way.



  3. Om, I’m betting that the leading IoT application will likely become an accidental success for service providers — similar to the SMS gift that just keeps giving.

    The text message turned 20 years old, last year. And, 8.16 trillion SMS Text Messages will be sent during 2013. I wonder what wireless “thing” might replicate that kind of sustainable growth, during the next two decades.

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