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  1. I agree with you. I think a lot of people fail to understand that despite all the money they spend, the players still have to play and Jeter proved it that despite all the money, one has to play hard every day to win. Getting the win is not easy, despite the dollars. I mean look at Sox, who spent nearly $120 million but don’t seem to have the extra passion to win.

  2. You know what I find strange about your love of the Yankees? The fact that you live in SF – where you have one of the best (and well-priced) teams in the league – the Oakland As. You even highlight articles about Moneyball – but you continue to rave about the Yankees. Now the Yankees are a great team, but it’s a bit like rooting for Microsoft. Why not support your local team – especially given that you love SF so much?

  3. Good point, Damian. So here is the reason why I love the Yanks. When I moved to US, my introduction to baseball was through Yankees, and at the time they were a bunch of rogues who could not win. The team was in a slump but there was something about their game which made them special. I learned the game of baseball with the losing yankees. I cannot cheer anyone else. After all you can be in love with only one team. However, Oakland As are my second most favorite team. Now, SF is a place I work, NY is home!

  4. That makes it much clearer – I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and went to two World Series with the Yankees – 78 and 80 – and as such I’m a Yankees fan for the same reasons you are….even so, I find them tougher to root for because their ever-dominate team….but Jeter’s play over the past few days (the play where he dove into the stands) just shows that the Yankees still have heart.

  5. Yes – clearly money is not the issue. The major league is littered with owners who have tried to spend their way to a championship and gotten nowhere. I was lucky enough to hear Billy Beane speak at a conference (I’ve also read Moneyball), and his statistics are just so impressive – you only wonder how long he can continue to do it before the rest of the league finally realizes what he’s doing and starts to follow him.

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