11 thoughts on “The New Now: How Real Time Redefines the Now”

  1. “As more we communicate as less we think.”
    My excuse to run < 130 miles a month 🙂

    Maybe that's the difference between 20 and 21 century (so far). But some of us got that and are careful whom and amount they communicate with.

    Also I believe the 21 century will be about how we organize data, which leads us to being able to "calculate" the information value of information not just create them. Or after I get home from a run the system will let me know nothing really happened.

      1. I think he was the co-founder of EarthWeb, not Dice. Let’s not play loose with the facts to defend a source.

  2. EarthWeb acquired Dice when it was small and grew it into a big brand. EarthWeb had a record breaking IPO, making a great return for the company’s investors. Years later after the Bubble burst EarthWeb was acquired and taken private for several hundred million, and renamed to Dice Inc. Then the company went public again as Dice Inc. a few years ago. Dice continues to grow and prosper today. Two successful IPOs from one company ain’t bad.

  3. Nova Spivack is right on. If you are familiar with the sports visualizations for the NFL or NBA, they are useful proxies for imagining the future of real-time information. Thousands of tiny text updates are reconfigured into a screen-sized UI to give you a sense of what is happening in the game right now, and one can zoom in on a specific player or zoom out to evaluate trends. And, just as the visualization for American football doesn’t work for soccer, these visualizations will be tuned to specific uses.

    (And to Nova Spivack’s point, ancient Greece is a great aside. I believe it was the last time all of mankind’s information was stored in one place…and the social issues then, such as the ‘death of memory’, mirror contemporary issues. Yet those subtleties, along with an appreciation for the actual effort required to make an idea into a successful concern, are sadly lost to a majority of today’s audience.)

    1. Great comment Brian. I have been enjoying the pulse on MLB. Look at it on their site. They are doing baseball tweet visualizations. Check it out.

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