10 thoughts on “The New & The Old – A Company Update”

  1. All the best Om.
    Always enjoy reading your blog and looking forward to some more interesting articles and insight.

  2. Hey, the RSS feed on Found+Read (please lose the caps on the actual site’s READ) seems to be only the titles. I’d appreciate it if you at least add the first paragraph.

  3. dude, gigagamez blew out because gamers do not frequent sites like gigaom or techcrunch…this is NOT their kind of site…get carmack to write for you and maybe you’ll draw some readers in that category…

    as for the new site, sounds interesting but why isn’t it just part of your other sites which all cover startup issues? why keep putting up new url’s instead of just keeping it simple with tabs?

    maintaining the veneer of ‘media dynasty’ is going to kill you, sorry to say, you should stick to portal, single site, multiple tabs with easy access to content filters for subjects via tags and tabs…that’s easy, and adding tons of new urls is not…

    otherwise, i do really like this site, here and reading it every day (either via rss or via a click through to see more and poke around…but i am soooooo very upset when i see you constantly wasting blog space on one giga blog to promote another, that’s jsut insulting, as in “check out what’s on giga(x)..”)

  4. Dave,

    you nailed the issues we were having with gigagamez.

    on the separate blogs, i think it is a question of properly segmenting the content and giving other bloggers room to develop their own following. I think a lot of people in the past have complained about new authors over here, and want the content to be highly focused. I am trying to find a happy medium and see what works best.

    Hopefully the content on all sites doesn’t insult you. You know we work hard to make it worth your while.

    thanks again for your feedback. I deeply appreciate it.

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