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  1. you must not be that smart.

    wi-fi isn’t disabled, it’s not a part of that phone by design. the original HTC design has two forms, the harrier GSM version including wi-fi, and the angel CDMA form without wifi.
    you’ve mentioned how comfortable, weak, the device is, and dropped cool buzzwords like EDGE, but you don’t mention things like having an SDIO interface to add wi-fi, being able to switch between landscape or portrait, the lack of EDGE networks in the US, or sprints announcement they will be deploying EV-DO at all. basically this review is as worthless as canadian money. well, canadian money isn’t worthless, but you get my point.

  2. Okay you do have a point, I should have mentioned the SDIO and portrait/landscape mode transition. Sorry about that. Well since this is a 1xRTT device, and Sprint doesn’t have an EV-DO network in the works, why even bring it up. Actually having used a ton of smart phones, i found this one relatively easy to work on without squiniting or installing some additional software. sure the web browser and email are weak, but they are free. i will eventually get around to buying new stuff for it. you might find the review worthless, well i find your comments helpful. thanks for stopping by

  3. Having had this phone for just over a month I have to say that I agree with your assessment. As for the portrait/landscape mode transition, I find that some software is still a little less than bug free in the landscape mode.

    I just recieved a bluetooth keyboard to try with the device and it takes everything to a new level. Don’t get me wrong, the built in keyboard is awesome. When I want to do some serious writing, there is just nothing like a full-size keyboard to keep things moving along.

    My only complaint is battery life. The corporation that I work for insists on using GoodLink as an extended leash for the workforce. GoodLink wants to keep the data connection running at all times in order to solve the PUSH email technology. I therefor have to keep a charger in the car, by my desk, on the nightstand, and if I am going on-site for more than six hours I have to wonder if the phone will last.

    I guess that last part isn’t a complaint about the phone, but the method of communication used by GoodLink (Which is otherwise a great service in my opinion).

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