5 thoughts on “The Problem with Free”

  1. I listened to Dave Winer’s audio explanation of why he had decided to close down his free service. I sympathize with the bloggers whose sites became inaccessible but I also understand Dave’s reasons and I can’t say I would not have done the same when faced with the same conditions. I was one on Blogger but decided to build my own blog using Movable Type and host it on my ISP’s server. Now of course they could go under but that’s life in this interconnected world.

  2. In comparison, switching from Manilla, or Word Press is painful and hard for those who are not blogsavants
    Looks at it this way, users of WP are so happy, they have not had any reason to move! 🙂

    Seriously, I feel that in a free (speech) software, if a feature is needed, it can be asked for any pretty soon someone will cook it up for you (assuming that it is not too lame – in which case you may have to do it yourself). Now that Matt and team knows the trouble caused by not having a good export/import feature, they will come up with it.

    Though the export/import feature of MT is naive at times, the fact that they have it should indeed be recognised and applauded.

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