2 thoughts on “The Second Coming of Microsoft Mobile”

  1. Hi Om – Neat article link. One thing they forgot to mention is the potential for Microsoft to dominate with SmartPhones and Pocket PC Phones in the enterprise space as well. The latest versions of Windows Mobile and Exchange Server are starting to give RIM’s Blackberry some serious competition 🙂

  2. Nice article, but I think in a typically US fashion it misses the point. The Smartphone is not a replacement for the PDA. The only place I see Windows Mobile phones is in the tech community where people want email. Even then this space (irrespective of Microsoft press releases) is owned by RIM and I don’t see any evidence of this changing fast.

    The vast majority of smartphone sales are to the general phone buying public and I see no evidence at all that the HTC, direct to operator strategy is making in inroads into this.

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