5 thoughts on “The Sly Fox”

  1. For OldMediaCos, figuring out the Internet starts with understanding how a TV sitcom and complementary online content can give rise to the most liquid online market for the advertisement spaces on single-creator media (e.g., blogs, podcasts), how this market can give rise to the most liquid online market for customized education and career services, how the latter market can give rise to millions of good jobs for U.S. residents, and how these job-holders can dramatically increase educational and economic opportunity for all.

    Lots of the VZ-/AMZN-/MSFT-approved details are online at http://landof.opportunitv.com.


  2. I don’t know mr. Malik.. Mr Levinsohn “the head of Foxsports.com”, interviewing for “an entry-level administrative position”? Sounds like a nice urban legend to me.

    Other than that, nice article!

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