86 thoughts on “The SunRocket Is Down For The Count”

  1. Om – I’m a current SunRocket customer and I just got off the phone with their Billing crew and asked a basic question of “are you going out of business?”. So here’s the response:

    SunRocket did recently complete a cost reduction effort to better manage costs in a dynamic and competitive environment. This action will best position the company to execute against its business plan.

    SunRocket remains committed to providing quality and the best value in digital phone service. SunRocket continues to take strides to improve the SunRocket experience for its members.

    SunRocket appreciates your question, we thank you for your continued support and hope that you find the new SunRocket just as exciting as we do.

    Hope that helps, while its not much, seems like the company is going to try to keep going forward.

  2. No surprise Lisa Hook is gone. She is is no postion to be the CEO of any company.

    Chris Mannella is most likely in charge now.

  3. This is bad news. I have 300 dollars worth of incomplete Sun Rocket contracts. I wonder if its possible to save my phone numbers or how long they will continue to last at this rate.

    Yet another reason to use Grandcentral or a real phone number for business cards and friends.

  4. Not very surprising news. Vonage has about 50% market share among facilities-based VoIP providers, and companies like SunRocket have very little market share. VoIP market is still growing, but these small players with minimal market share will find it very hard to survive because of the high customer acquisition cost. Expect more consolidation/brankrupty in the VoIP business.

  5. Their most popular deal was to prepay for 2 years… most of those customers have a good amount of time remaining on their contracts.

  6. I’ve been a SunRocket customer for 15 months now and am only 3 months into my 200 buck annual contract. I am hoping that this news is overstated and that they do indeed hang on and stay in business. That being said, I went to their website and their contract states that unsatisfied users can cancel at any time and get their pro-rata balance from their account reimbursed. I know this is unlikely since the business must be in dire financial straits at the moment. Has any SR customer opted out and received a refund of money in the past month???

  7. I’d hope SR might just merge with ViaTalk or one of the other VOIP companies that doesn’t gouge their customers like Vonage does. That way they could just flow from one into the other and not disrupt server or anything like that.

    Here’s hoping.

  8. I have been a sunrocket customer for two years. While the quality and facilities could not keep up with early growth, the service has been pretty stable, and a good value. Under these types of situations, folks should begin exploring the best “bundle” of video/data/phone that is offered. You don’t want to be the last one turning out the lights with this company. Port those numbers quick!

  9. Gents,

    Sorry to hear about Sun Rocket’s struggle as a corporation and service provider. I have tried various services, Vonage, Skype, Packet8 and finally found the one http://www.magicjack.com it delivers everything it says. Best price, quality, features and customer service. I have used this service in the U.S. and internationally for a few month and I am totally satisfied. I can only recommend this people, magicjack is what we want in a phone service.


  10. SR didn’t want to bother distingushin between business and residential use. Their only concern was to acquire as many subscribers as possible. If they lost $ on some: so be it;
    “It’s only venture capital. It’s not like it was real money.”

  11. I am a reporter who is working on this story. My interest is that SunRocket has a call center in Springfield, Mo., which my newspaper covers. I just want to know if anyone of you are willing to talk to me on the record.

    My contact: 417-837-1374. Thank you!

  12. They are dead. At 6PM today, my phone went dead.

    I am transferring to another VOIP company hoping that it will happen. I don’t want to lose my number.

  13. I cannot call out of state on my Sunrocket service. When I call their customer sevice line it says they are no longer accepting calls. I just signed up for a year- $250 total -30 days ago and transfered my 30 year telephone # over. I’ll be calling my credit card company and local tel tomorrow morning first thing.

  14. At 5:PM today, I lost my phone service, I just renewed my subscription. How can I get my money back?

  15. 16 July 07, 8:15 PM Pac Time (2015 International Time). Had problems with our phone. Thought I needed to rebot the gizmo, so did. No improvement. Called SunRocket 800-786-0132 and got their standard opening recording, “SunRocket, the no gotcha phone company”, followed by, “We are no longer taking customer service or sales calls. Goodby”.

    So, I guess I should have been looking at things online or listening to the news these past few days.

    Now I wonder where that leaves us?

    Paul D

  16. I signed up for a 15 month $244.00 residential plan less than 2 months ago. Nice to see my average cost per month was only $122, about 500-600% higher than I was paying with Verizon.

    It was nice to see that they put up an announcement about the company on their website and the transition plan for their customers phone service (that’s a joke).

    Once again, some of the folks who where wheelers and dealers from the rock & roll days of telecom industry (1970-80s) fail to give a shit about their customers nad run away without facing the music. I’m calling the VA Attorney Gerneral to look into the fraud committed on customers. I hope the former executies have a nice nest egg to pay for their defense.

    Would it have been that hard to contact a couple other VoIP carriers and develop a plan to convert customers, and then publish it? Nah, easier to run away like little girls.

    I wonder about people who use this service as their exclusive home or business service and need emergency 911 service. And please don’t tell me it still works…my phone is dead (no dial tone) and has been since 4PM today.

  17. Well as of 9:22pm MDT on 07/16/2007 my sunrocket line is still active for Local and out of state calls and receives call from my cellphone. However I do not know how long it will work. I am new to sunrocket as of July 1, 2007. Boy did I pick the wrong company! I will be figuring out how to get my $200.00 back.

  18. I have used SunRocket for over 2 years. Most of the time with good results. Had one fried gizmo (down for 2 days)and maybe 12 other hours of downtime in 26 months. Today at 6PM Central my SR voicemail stopped working. I can call outbound on SR and I can receive inbound, but callers can not leave VM. Going to start looking for another provider. Bummer…

  19. My contract started in mid-June and now my service is dead. How can those of us who prepaid get a return on our funds?

  20. I have used SunRocket for over 4 months now and this is terrible. I can’t believe I’m losing my service right now. Are they going to refund at all? I have gone searching for another provider and found http://www.vonworldwide.com their pricing seems fair. If anyone gets a refund can you please post back?

  21. Somebody posted this message on another blog

    Get the legal system and government involved.

    File a complaint with the FCC at:

    Mention something like:

    SunRocket, a VoIP telephone provider based in Vienna, VA disconnected my prepaid telephone and E-911 service on July 17, 2007 without ANY required advanced customer notification or alternative service options, leaving me at significant risk without 911 capabilities. The company’s executives should be arrested and jailed for putting approximately 160,000 households at such risk.

    Also contact your local Attorney General and demand that the executives that made the decision to leave customers without phone service and E-911 service be arrested for public endangerment

    Here is a link to that blog

  22. My phone still works but not sure how long. Not sure how am i going to retain my existing number. it’s my bad that i recommended couple of guys to go for it recently. It’s a bad time

  23. I am a SR customer and havent been able to make or recieve phone calls for the past 24 hours. Does anyone know more of what is going on?

  24. Guys,
    Sunrocket website is still working. For now You can forward your sunrocket calls to your cell phone or other land line number. I just now tried and its working.
    I think this’ll also die soon I guess.
    Do it ASAP and try it.

  25. Can we even change our service without cancelling SR??!! They say you have to cancel by phone! I am ready to call my local co. and change asap, but don’t know if I will have issues.

  26. Hey, I did the call forwarding to my cell and it worked. Thanks for the information. I really loved SR and told tons of people about it. I work in the entertainment industry and my phone being down looks really bad. I’m hurt, and really scared to try another VOIP service. So if anyone finds a good service please post it here, like the person who posted the call forwarding thing. It seems that we all have to stick together until this thing gets worked out.

  27. I don’t really care so much about my number, than my money. How do we get the unused months back of the prepaid services? I can not believe they have not even informed anyone beforehand. I talked to customer support on Saturday (July 14th) because I couldn’t receive anymore incoming calls. They were on the phone with me the whole time (3 different people) and told me someone would call me back, which of course never happened. Not one word of going out of business.

  28. I’m a sunrocket customer for opnly 3 months and I just cant use it anymore, when I call their service I receive an stupid voice recording message telling me they wont handle it anymore, my suggestion

    f*ck it, im going back to my old provider inphonex (www.inphonex.com), there are plenty of opportunities out there than a closed provicer. inphonex is even offering a trade in program to switch sunrocket adaptors and stuff like that, if someone get interested, read here:


  29. Its really painfull for customers like us in these situations, who have paid in advance for Full year… Mine still 9 months service left….

    Request you all to do the following:

    1) File a complaint with the FCC at:

    2) File an Dispute with Your Credit Card company, and notify them that you failed to receive the service you paid for. In most cases they will refund the money or atleast they try…

    For Contact # look at the back of the Card and File Complaint.

    3) SunRocket website is up and allowing to forward the #, atleast forward the number and get your calls.

    4) Try porting your #, I don’t know how thus will happen, trying … As SunRocket is not there then who will confirm.

    1. Find some other cheap provider and signup, I signed up for Viatalk as they are offering good Price / Deal for existing SunRocket Customers…

    Check here: http://enjoydeals.blogspot.com/2007/07/sunrocket-customers-get-27-months.html

    Free Activation + Free Shipping + 6 Month of Contract Buyout are some of the offers…

    6) Pray God… That they will refund all our balance money…

    Hope this helps… WIll update later, in case I found more information…

  30. I just logged on and tried to print invoices off, but it’s all gone. I can not access old invoices anymore and now there is an alert on the website that says that one subsytem is currently down.

  31. I have just signed up the SunRocket service two months ago for 15-month deal for $199, thinking to save few bulks a month. Now, I end up paying $100 per month, as my phone is no longer in service.

    For those people who run the SunRocket, if you happen to read this blog, picture yourself in our shoes and imagine if your family depend on the only phone access for emergency service, yes, we are talking about the live or dead situation here, and someone just take away your only access for help without a notice, how would you feel?

  32. Well, I called our local cable provider to sign up for their service and they said they have no idea when/if sunrocket will release our numbers. They said best case scenario would be 3 WEEKS! I went ahead and changed my number because I can’t be without a home phone for that long. This is crazy!

  33. I tried to cancel my account .. but it says you can’t do it via email you must call 1-800-786-0132 .. but when you do they say they are no longer taking sales or customer service calls .. good bye

    How are you suppose to cancel your account and get your money back?

  34. I got doubled bill this year. Once in May
    then again on June 30. I had the yearly
    199 plan so it automatically posted on my credit
    card (both times). Has this happen to anyone else ?

  35. I have one year and 2 weeks remaining on my Sun Rocket contract. I would have appreciated them letting me know that my service was going to be discontinued. As it is I have spent a lot of time last night and today trying to contact Sun Rocket by phone and via e-mail. Their site is still up and you would think they would have the decency of posting a message on the site explaining why the service was no longer working. Great Job Guys! Thanks a lot!


  36. on sunrocket and can still make and receive calls on the line. Sometimes I have to dial the number a few times before it’ll go through. But calling out of state is not working.

  37. And, here’s another wrinkle in the cream of the “no gotcha” SunRocket that got us all:
    I contacted another company, and they tell me that they have to have a phone invoice less than 30 days old, with my address, the phone number to be ported. Lovely! Since I paid in advance, no can do…

  38. For those who have tried to forward their numbers by using the Sunrocket website, I too thought that I had successfully invoked “simple forward” to my backup landline…. but it doesn’t work. I think it is likely that the website functions are connecting to network resources that have been shutdown, like the rest of Sunrocket. The lack of warning about what they intended to do, and the lack of consideration of their customers will, unfortunately, remain attached only to the Sunrocket name… the executives behind these thoughtless actions will likely remain anonymous and move on to another telecommunications job.

  39. Go to the SunRocket site ASAP and print out or PDF as much account info as possible, you’ll need it for a transfer. Yes if you paid annually you still can go to account info and click on invoices you’ll have a $0.00 invoice for the month of June there. Or at the very least infor of when you started your 1 year deal

    For the person who suggested PhoneBank. It’s a great idea but they don’t seem to accept the sunrocket numbers

  40. If I don’t get credit for the six to nine months I have on my SunRocket account, I swear to God Almighty I WILL NEVER USE A BROADBAND PHONE SERVICE AGAIN EVER! So for Lingo, Packet8, Vonage, etc., it is your asses if we don’t get credit for our months because we will bail from the industry and take enough disgruntled customers with US that it will be like the Hebrews leaving Goshen, yes.

    If you think I am bluffing gentlemen, then I have three words for you, PC TO PHONE. If I am screwed on this SunRocket deal I am going to SypeOut or some other company and make phone calls from my PC. Here is a no gotcha guarantee I guarantee that I will not call for a massive boycott on Broadband Phone services if we get credit for the months we paid for otherwise Lingo, Packet8, Vonage, et all bend over and take it like a man.

  41. ITP (Internet Telephone Provider): This is a very good VOIP service. Much cheaper than Vonage and more features than Sun Rocket. No up front annual payment, no contract. Free 3 months to anyone that comes from Sun Rocket as well with a promo code. 888-487-1110

  42. Tell the Broadband phone companies to give us credit or we are NEVER coming back! I called Packet8 and they gave me the run around so I cussed the guy out while he was on the phone!

  43. Well, save your gizmo, and you can use it for other VOIP companies.

    a) Disconnect to WAN i.e. Unplug cable from Gizmo WAN port (i.e. no Internet)
    b) With the PC connected to Gizmo LAN port, Go to and Login to it using user Id
    First try User Id: Admin & Password: 7UprUtew

    If this is not working then try User ID: user & password: welcome
    c) Now Cut and Paste the following url and press enter to Restore factory default

    After about 15 seconds you should see a message about reset to defaults. Wait another 30-45 seconds.
    Now close browser window. At this point your Gizmo should be in the same state as when SunRocket first shipped it to you.
    d) Open a new browser window, go to (Do not open Gizmo home page first).
    When prompted for user and password, Enter
    User Id: admin & Password: slapshot (Valid for V3.0.77, V3.0.75)

    e) Now Disable Provisioning, Go to
    Menu –> IP Network —> Provisioning Setting and Uncheck Enable Provisioning
    Click Save & Reboot. Click OK to warning.
    At this point of time, your Gizmo should be unlocked and ready to be used with any service.

  44. Luckily, I chose to do the monthly plan and not the yearly plan. I called my bank to see about placing a stop payment on the recurring item but because it is a credit card and not a debit card, that was not an option. They said that I could dispute it but when dealing with dispute from a company that has gone out of business it will be hard to get your money back. The financial institution has to find the item in your favor and since Sunrocket is out of business they would have no one to contact. The only option that i had was to block my credit card and order a new card. I had no problem on this as I do not rely on my credit card for everyday use. I have signed up with vonage who has waived the 1st 2 months of service and activation fee. I will see how that goes.

  45. MAJIC JACK is probably the reason SUNROCKET decieded to go out of buisness.
    Isn’t funny how the day Majic Jack is ready to take orders Sunrocket all of a sudden shuts down.
    Hell no one can beat $39.99 for the 1st year including your phone number and $19.99 for each additional years.

    This is a true invention

  46. I just renewed my annual plan in May for $214.11 including taxes. Sunrocket mistakenly double billed me, my invoice balance is -$214.11. Of course they have been dragging their feet for two weeks to issue the credit, and now I can’t get in touch with them. I just filed a dispute with my credit card company for the double charge, I am tempted to file a dispute for the first charge too. I am hoping to get at least the double billing back, but I am not banking on it. $428.22 for 2 months of service…nice!

  47. My service went dead the other day. Suddenly, this afternoon the service was turned on. Has this happened to anyone else?

  48. I just ordered Skype Unlimited PC to Phone service and it was $ 8.95 for three months. I don’t care if Majic Cracker Jack is offering $ 40 a year they will probably crash after six months. If I do not get a refund of my six to nine months, credit for it with a company or get a settlement for it I am never using a broadband phone company again.

    For those of us who got shafted here are some plans:

    1) File as creditors with An affiliate of Sherwood Partners, LLC who is managing the process as the Assignee for the benefit of creditors.

    2) File a class action suit if we are shafted as what’s his name suggested and it is fraud now if they promised and then took our money and ran.

    3) File complaints with everyone, FTC, BBB, the state attorney general in Virginia and more. The complaints will draw more heat on them.

    4) If you get a month free offer from Majic Cracker Jack or Packet8 tell them to stuff if you have credit with SunRocket for six to 12 months. Sun Rocket owes me $ 100 and I will settle for $ 100 like that greedy guy in the bank scene in It’s a Wonderful Life!


  50. For those who complain about us “whining” over the $199 lost to Sunrocket, please remember there are over 200,000 SunRocket customers and if each averaged about $100 lost that’s about 20 million prepaid. Yes, $100-200 isn’t a fortune, but it does add up (like income tax does)…not to mention the multitude of problems due to time constraints, porting problems, and potential of 911 inaccessability.

  51. SR has burned all their customers, so please stop debating on a service that sucks. Just look at the way they are handling their customers when shit hits the fan. Some of you are probably expecting to get your money back. guess what? a company that is on it’s knee is not going to look out for its customers but rather look out for itself, especially after creating all this mess. Don’t expect anything from them, do yourself a favor drop that service and join http://www.magicjack.com


  52. I got burned with sunrocket, over 6 months left on my prepaid account.
    I called my credit card company and they said it can be partially refunded
    back so I opened the dispute. I ordered on monday from another VOIP
    provider called voiceral (www.voiceral.com). They have a 3 months free
    special for people switching from sunrocket. I didn’t trust the companies
    that sunrocket was listing as suggested companies to change to (because you
    know they are related to sunrocket to get money) so I did some research
    online and these guys have been around a while with some positive feedback.
    This situation worked out better for me than I thought – with the credit
    card refund, and the 3 free months from Voiceral this worked out in my
    favor. I got a new telephone number, while they port over the sunrocket
    phone number I used to have – so overall I’m very happy and can’t believe
    I actualy made a few dollars out of this mess.

  53. Well I have six months left or $ 100 refund and that is what I am waiting for, until then I am going with Skype http://www.skype.com so they can go to hell until I get my six months I have left or $ 100 refund. Skype is $ 3 a month, $ 8.85 for three months (what I have) or $ 29.95 a year. SunRocket better start getting our

    Tell Lingo, Vonage, Magic Jack, ViaTalk and the rest that for me to switch over I want my six months for free like I paid for with SunRocket, out!

  54. For those of you wondering what to do about the unused months that you’ve pre-paid for call your credit card company ASAP. Tell them that your phone company went out of business, that you’ve pre-paid, and that you would like them to give you a credit for the unused months. It worked for me. I just got off the phone with my credit card company and they were happy to issue my money back. Good Luck!

  55. Recently I remember Viatalk offered 1 year free.

    Viatalk bragging that they are giving 3 months free to SR customers. What an IRONY…

    I think it is not work signing up for a long term. Month to month is better even though expensive.

    I believe there is no voip which is stable.

  56. I have barely used SunRocket service for three months and paid for one year. I have no phone for a couple of days. I am very afraid of these VoIp companies. I have no money to afford such deals and classical mess any more.

  57. Please be advised that Teleblend is monopolizing the old MAIN phone line of Sunrocket 1-800-786-0132 with the recording “Sunrocket, the no gotcha phone company, we’re no longer accepting, blah, blah,” IF YOU CALL FROM A NON-SUNROCKET NUMBER.

    If you call the same 1-800-786-0132 from a Sunrocket phone no. that hasn’t been ported you’ll reach “Thank you for calling Teleblend, we’re now offering, blah, blah,” IF YOU CALL FROM A SUNROCKET PHONE NUMBER WAITING TO BE PORTED.

    If you call Sunrocket’s other 1-877-252-4548 their secondary line from EITHER A SUNROCKET OR NON-SUNROCKET NUMBER You’ll reach “Thank you for calling Teleblend, we’re now offering, blah, blah,”


  58. Well, I guess I’m an “idiot” then Mary Ann because I signed up with TeleBlend. For $12.95/month, no contract and no start up fees, I felt it was well worth my money to have my phone number secure. I have the liberty to sign up with whoever I want, whenever I choose.

    I signed up with ViaTalk last week Wednesday and STILL have yet to hear ANYTHING from them. In addition, when you call ViaTalk, you’re likely to wait in a queue of 100+ for hours before you can actually speak to someone.

    The transition to TeleBlend was seamless. The voice quality is solid, however, there is no voice mail, International calling, or any special features at this time.

    Do I believe Sunrocket and TeleBlend are related? NO! I believe that Sunrocket sold TeleBlend their equipment and customer database information because Unified Communications decided to expand their business model to offer VoIP service.

    At this time, I’m rethinking signing up with ViaTalk because why should I jump into another pay in advance one-year contract when I can pay as I go for about the same price?

    TeleBlend said that they should have their voice mail and International calling on line by the end of this week. I’ll wait to see before I pass judgment on a brand new company. I think TeleBlend is trying their hardest to accommodate all the lost Sunrocket souls. Kind of like going to a brand new restaurant on their first day of business. Get the point? Give them a chance!

    This is business.. companies exist, some do well, some do not. Companies go out of business all the time and not just VoIP companies either. There is risk ANY time you pay in advance on ANY contract.

    TeleBlend? I’ll put my faith in them for $12.95/month, NO CONTRACT, pay as you go, what have I got to lose?

  59. Hee Hee, you may not get ANY, PARTIAL or ALL of your money back but call the numbers I suggested ABOVE & keep their phone lines tied up with game playing!

    It’s better if you go with several lines with them, then tell Teleblend’s cust. reps. you need to think about it and will call them later.

    Sunrocket’s lines will be cut when they’re toward the end of their list. With 200,000 Sunrocket customers and Teleblend has ALL of Sunrocket’s names, addresses, numbers, etc. and purchased their equipment!

    I had a field day with Teleblend’s customer reps.this week-end.

    Teleblend has control of all of Sunrocket’s customers, but the actual numbers are owned by Global Crossing mostly and Level 3 Communications has some which are being leased out!!

  60. WOW…I think I read a comment by just about all of Sunrocket’s customers…lol. I started my third year in May, and they charged me an additional $15 fee. I should have known something was up. I’m not mad. I feel like my lover was in a car with a drunk driver who ran into a tree and killed him. Unfortunately, the drunk driver is dead so I can’t yell at anyone. I’ve still got partial service. I received a call from the in-laws in England on Sunday. I’m leaving it on as long as I can, after all, I’m prepaid and what are they going to do about it? Charge me? I DO plan on switching to either Magic Jack or Packet 8. I DO plan on joining a class action. I also intend to call my credit card company this afternoon. I was a die hard landline lover, and this breaks my heart. BUT, that’s tech for ya. If you read the news, you can discern that SOMEBODY took the money and run. Enron echoes? I think if we tie up the lines we’ll get heard about the months we’re owed. Good luck everyone!

  61. I reported my credit card company to dispute Sunrocket transaction that I paid ($199). They credited back to my account. I currently switched to http://www.packet8.net…It is 20yr old company and superior quality in the line than SR. May be i recommend you to look into it economical than Vonage.
    Good Luck to all.

  62. Somebody has way too much time on their hands and needs to take up a hobby instead of trying to CAUSE problems.

  63. Sorry, you feel that way Debbie. I would have got back sooner but have been on blogs all day other than this one advising everybody to do the same.

    You can tie up 2 of their 1-877-252-4548 lines by dialing the number then hit flash or prog button on your phone then you’ll get a dial tone and re-dial their 1-877-252-4548 line and hit flash or prog button on your phone again and you have PRESTO two of their lines tied up using only one line.

    What’s really funny is I’m using the two Sunrocket phones they haven’t disconnected yet as they still have 3 way calling enabled. The land line I have I do the same with so I’m able to tie up 6 of their lines. Go about my business, check the lines periodically and if I get a dial tone, then I re-dial as I know they answered, but I wasn’t there so I do it all over again. I’ve called all of my friends to do the same. Sorry Debbie if you don’t think they’re related go to http://www.teleblendsupport.net and you’re see all of Teleblend’s connection to Sunrocket and Teleblend’s evasive answers!!!!! I found out about that from talking to one of Teleblend’s cust. reps. who thinks I’m debating on whether to go with 10 VOIP lines or 15 VOIP. They get really excited about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a nice day Debbie!

  64. Do somebody who signed to TeleBlend via internet has received email confirmation vith new user id and password to sign in to teleblend’s website?

  65. Does anybody know how I can get back my money if I paid my yearly contract with my debit card? I just signed up with SR for another year in April.

  66. Thanks, I just talked to them today and unfortunately I will not get my money back:( I can only dispute a charge made by debit card within 60 days from the transaction date. I checked my bank statements, and Surocket took the $214.11 out of our account on May 8. So I am over the 60 days limitation.

  67. That’s a bummer! I guess if you pay in advance (yearly), it pays to use VISA or American Express.

    I had SR, buy one year, get one free. My free year would of been up in April ’08. I lost about $75. When I do the math, $199 divided by 24 months is $8.29/month, had SR remained in business until the end of my contract next April. With them going out of business it’s $199 divided by 15 months or $13.27/month. Still a savings over the local telephone company where I was paying $51/month. My SR service was more configurable and had more features than the local phone company service.

    I guess it’s just how you look at it. I still saved $37/month from what I would of paid to my local phone company.

  68. Alex: I did not receive an e-mail when I signed up. However, on their confirmation page there was a customer number. Use your e-mail address for your log-on and your customer number for your password.

    Hope this helps.

  69. The Broadband Phone Industry cannot be trusted or relied upon to serve its customers. Therefore, we must flee the broadband phone industry in favor more reliable services like

    1) PC to Phone services like Skype

    2) Digital Cable Phones

    3) Cell Phones as long as they don’t incinerate your brain, did I spell that right?

    4) Regular or prepaid phone service if you can afford it, I can’t!

  70. What to everyone, I want to bash SunRocket some more, please come back waaaa. Heehehehehehe, no really let’s bash SunRocket, SunRocket is evil they are corrupt, go for it dude.

  71. Hey Henok do you get a local phone number with Magic Jack I might be able to buy that but I need a broadband service for $ 10 or less per month. I am using Skype Unlimited to call, Talk Digits and Globe 7 to receive calls right now and it is not bad but when I start getting calls to work again I may need a phone service. Thank you Henok, let me know you can email me I am professorw5 at most major email addresses like yahoo and hotmail but add one more 5 for hotmail.

    Professor W who are you W?

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