10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cell Phone Plan Comparison”

  1. Surely we shouldn’t be complaining about keeping track of new deals, we should instead be greatful that providers are continually lowering prices, giving the consumer a better deal.

  2. A useful breakdown of carrier pricing plans is always news worthy. Interesting that they note there’s 10 million different plan combinations available.

  3. If you’re looking for a new cell phone plan then I suggest you to take a look at Straight Talk. It’s amazing. I have the unlimited plan for $45 a month. It includes unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and unlimited internet. The service is awesome because it is carried on the Verizon Network.

  4. I was so tired of paying overages on my cell phone bills with terrible service and upgrades that never came to be. I did my research and I found out that one company has it all – Straight Talk. I never considered Walmart the place for cell phones, but Straight Talk converted me. For $45 a month, I have an amazing unlimited plan (texts, calls, and surfing) without the worry of a contract later on or overage fees. The selection of phones was even better since Straight Talk has a Smart Phone nearly on the I-Phone level without the price and everyone is so impressed when they see it. I didn’t have to worry about a credit check or remembering to pay since I recharge service at the beginning of the month and I don’t worry about it again.

    The cancellation fees from my previous carrier were so worth it as Straight Talk is saving me over $50 a month – that’s $1,200 over the two years I would have had the contract. Best of all, I was able to keep my old number and still use Straight Talk’s Verizon network – the coverage is eveywhere and awesome.

    I suggest everyone give this amazing plan a look up.

  5. I have Straight Talk on the Verizon network. Bought it at Walmart and it’s an amazing deal. The Samsung Finesse is a very cool smartphone and paying only $45 a month for unlimited everything is the best deal going!

    Who needs an iPhone? LOL!!

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