10 thoughts on “The Vonage & VoIP Inc. deal mess”

  1. Your latest blog entry that apologizes for less-than-mediocre reporting cites,

    “A few vigilant readers wrote in and prompted us to further investigate ‘VoIP Inc.’s claims.'”

    There weren’t any claims from VoIP, Inc. related to pending litigation between Vonage and Verizon….

    You might want to revise your blog so that it’s accurate.

  2. Om,

    While you are in a self-flagellating mood, I will avail myself of the opportunity to press you for some reporting which has been missing from every account I’ve seen on this story so far.

    There has been no actual technical explanation of what the 3 patents cover and what specific aspects of Vonage’s operations are deemed to violate them. Is that because it would be too geeky to be considered reporting? Do the reporters not understand it themselves? Does it require too much time to get the details?

    The reporting has all referred vaguely to something about the ‘method of interconnecting with the PSTN’ for two of the patents, and about voicemail for the third.

    Leaving voicemail aside for the moment, doesn’t Vonage use a softswitch + off-the-shelf media gateways to interconnect with the PSTN? (What other options are there?) Doesn’t that make every other VOIP carrier guilty of the same infringement as well? Where are the manufacturers of this equipment in this case? Don’t they have an interest in defending their customers, or at least challenging the patents with the PTO?

  3. Malik..voip inc and vonage almost a year are kind of testing and working on recent partnership.this vonage/verzine mess has nothing to do with their partnership.
    now if voip inc patents comes to help vonage that’s plus for both…

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