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  1. Kaboodle is indeed interesting. I like the way they make creating eCommerce Wishlist or Research List easy. But how is this different from say wists.com or BlinkList.com? (of which I am one of the geeks involved in the project). While wist.com and blinklist.com are not targeted to e-commerce – they offer much of what Kaboodle does plus much much more(except the ability to auto select the right image on Amazon and autofill text – Kaboodle handles this well). For example – I maintain my TO BUY list here on Blinklist. http://www.blinklist.com/vishen/to%20buy/
    I can already “star” my favorite purchases, share these with friends, make certain items private and better yet – see how many other people are watching a certain item (so I can use the Wisdom of Crowds to make a better desicion). And BlinkList automatically creates a discovery page around the item – for example see here for a discovery page around the hit movie “Serenity”
    http://www.blinklist.com/tag/serenity/. For Kaboodle to be really useful – I’d like to see them incorporate some way where users can learn from each other to find the best deals. While it would not make me abandon del.icio.us or Blinklist – it would perhaps make me use Kaboodle for my christmas wishlist.

  2. Kaboodle is very interesting for doing some specific product research. I can see this being quite handy when evaluating products from different sites like eBay and shopping.com. It works well for that. However, I prefer to do all of my bookmarking on one service. I was just researching new software products to make virtual covers and just created a tag dedicated to this research on blinklist. http://www.blinklist.com/tag/virtual%20packaging/

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