8 thoughts on “The Wish List: 7 Things We Hope Will Come True in 2010”

  1. 50Mbps for $50 – unfortunately, 2010 will mark the year when bandwidth caps were begun to be enforced or tiered bandwidth pricing was started. So if you are a technorati, a $50/month broadband subscription will not be yours any longer regardless of the Mbps up or down. As reported here by GigaOm, the average American consumes 36GB of data per day. Even if a third of that was via mobile (which it is not), that consumption level will bust any bandwidth cap or, in case of tiered pricing, will not be yours for $50/month. Let’s face it – every other utility in the U.S. is tiered (water, electricity, gas, trash). So will be broadband. Thus, what matters are how many gallons of water I consume, not how many gallons/second my water pipes can transport…

  2. Facebook will lead, LinkedIn and Twitter will follow the IPO frenzy. It will feel like ’99 again. As for Chrome OS, that’s a tricky one.. if wireless broadband gets cheap and cloud files on the cloud cost significantly less than CPU + RAM on board chances Chrome OS will support online apps only

  3. I see some acquisitions happening in the online collaboration space with all the biggies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Adobe adding offerings to the market, and each trying to offer the most comprehensive suite. Small but promising and established players like HyperOffice might get picked up.

  4. Meh. “Chrome OS” is already under the “Who cares?” file for many of us.

    And a lot of have iPhones that work just fine on AT&T. 🙂

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