10 thoughts on “The Word Press Switch”

  1. Your single listing page looks fine… what browser are you getting a problem on? One problem I see is that the comment textarea field is too wide… it overlaps with your right hand column.

  2. the single page listing in internet explorer for windows is all messed up. i am not sure why but it is something which bugs me. fine in firefox and mozilla on windows. ditto on all mac broswers as well

  3. Looks like the site is finally stable… well done dude. BTW: do write about your experience (moving from MT to WP), I am sure everyone wants to know why you chose WP over all other vendors.

    I moved to EE and a new host as well, and am loving it :-).

  4. You can post from w.Bloggar, etc, using the XML-RPX API. “Currently supported APIs are the Blogger API, metaWeblog API, and the MovableType API.” I was also able to use the emulated MT interface to rewire my email->blog hook. See your wordpress/readme.html for details.

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