One thought on “The year of Vintage VoIP”

  1. Facilities based carriers are going to have the advantage in the long run. Where Vonage may have first mover advantage, in the long run, their cost structure and scalability will hurt them. Their obvious strategy is to grow as fast as possible (eg, add subscribers) and sell to one of the CLEC’s. SBC’s hosted Avid VoIP service just moves equipment from customer prem to SBC’s. They can control quality of service but still more expensive to end-user then conventional telco rollout. Covad may be able to combine both of these strengths- facilities based/QoS with an attractive business price point The majority of business telco users are still in the 4-10 line space. Covad already plays very well in that area with their DSL data service. If Covad can execute (which may be doubtful), they may be a stretch run winner in the VoIP arena.

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