9 thoughts on “There is something fishy about the Egyptian cable-cut arrests”

  1. How do you catch someone trying to cut an undersea cable anyway. Are you suddenly scuba diving along and see someone sawing away at a cable……sounds like something from spongebob squarepants.
    If you were planning to cut the undersea cable, I assume you would dive from a boat. If that boat saw the Egyptian Navy arriving would they not alert the divers?? I don’t know…..I just can’t picture the events that would lead up to someone being caught trying to cut a fibre optic cable at the bottom of the ocean…….

  2. Aren’t these cables buried to provide some protection against trawl nets and anchors of all but the biggest vessels? At least in relatively shallow water? If a cable is buried, how would they find it?

    1. Ronald

      In most places they are buried and the depth is almost 2 kilometers – however as they come closer to the landing points, they come up higher.

  3. this happens way more often than it should. there is def something fishy regarding the middle east and their internet cables.

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