31 thoughts on “There *Really* Is a Coast-to-Coast iPhone Shortage”

  1. Weird. I just got shipping confirmation from the Apple website for two 8GB models purchased yesterday.

  2. But wouldn’t a new model with a new 3G radio need to go through FCC approvals? Given the time that would take, seems like Apple would need inventory to meet current demand.

  3. Apple usually announces new products on Tuesday. Given that April Fool’s falls on Tuesday this year AND that no one would be expecting something like this, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Apple to announce today rather than tomorrow? Talk about perfect timing! I doubt a 3G iPhone (in the current form factor) is going to be announced so soon. A better explanation for the delay: Apple is changing internal circuitry/ components to thwart the unlockers. It’s become so trivial now, you’ve gotta think that any carrier that Apple approaches for exclusive contracts is pointing to these hackers and asking what benefit they will accrue when unlocking & using on a different network is so easy. I predict a new firmware for the baseband that stops the unlocking cold & gives Apple the upper hand in their negotiations.

  4. There have been rumors that a new 3G iPhone may use an OLED display

    I view this as unlikely, as there is no supplier today, that I am aware of which can manufacture the size of screen an iPhone would require, in volume at a price point that would acceptable

    As a point of reference, Sony manufactures approx 2000 11″ panels per month for sale in TV at a $2k price point

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