11 thoughts on “This is what the reviews say about iPad Mini”

  1. The mini looks like a solid device. A bit overpriced in my opinion, but quite nice.

    That said, it’s interesting to see how tech blogger preferences change. Screen resolution used to be a make-or-break issue, but this month it no longer seem so critical. When the Android tablet ecosystem is comparable to iOS’s (if a dream, it’s both imminent and inevitable) and OEMs are making aluminum body devices, I wonder what the most prized tablet attributes will be then.

  2. Will Amazon and Google stand behind their products? In the last year, I sent my iPod in for repair, free, and brought my iMac in for a new hard drive, free, and a new screen, also free. So my three year old iMac is now close to new. Gizmos always break eventually. Where will I go to fix the Fire or the Nexus?

  3. I plan to get one once I’m finished school. The larger iPad is simply better when your taking notes and reading a LOT. But once I’m finished school, I think my needs will change and the smaller form factor will be better. I’m just glad Apple is offering the option of a smaller device.

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