5 thoughts on “This mirror with sensors points to a new connected future. Here is why”

  1. To make it reality we have to rethink the Operating Systems, which are still based on organizing files. Currently we might end up with face recognition for the mirror, another one for the phone, anther one for the tv …. All slightly different and behaving ever so slightly different, requiring you to adjust to their idiosyncrasies. Which will get really annoying really fast. On Android this can be seen in voice recognition from Samsung, Google or Swype if one switches between devices with different keyboards and versions running.

  2. @om Great points you make in this article. A big, big piece of this connected future (IoT) is security of these devices.
    5 years ago, my “attack surface” was a connected desktop, and a laptop. 3 years back I added a smartphone, tablet & PS3 and now my TV and receiver are also connected…you get the idea.

    Say, my refrigerator was connected a hacker could potentially raise its temp by a few degrees until the can of milk spoils and make me go to the market to get another one, leaving my place potentially “unguarded”. This gives him control not just over my device but also my behavior!

    It would be really interesting IMHO to see an article on how manufactures and designers of these devices are dealing with this from a futuristic sense and how they perceive tackling this problem.


  3. Indeed. I recently installed a Nest thermostat in my house and was amazed by the use of a motion sensor to determine when I was at home or away. The Nest system automagically optimises temperatures in your home based on information it gathers from you by when you adjust the temperature and when you are at home. It adjusts as you change through the seasons. Connected to WiFi, it also determines when you can save money by reducing the thermostat or let you access it from you iPhone.

    Sensors and communications will make the most mundane appliances and controls more engaging.

  4. Who needs some dude living in your ‘fairy tale mirror’ when you can invite the whole world in to comment on how you truly are, ‘the fairest of them all!’ 🙂

  5. But you don’t need the mirror for this,the phone/tablet can do it, The camera and screen would need to be calibrated (the mirror has no screen but it’s cam would need proper calibration). In fact the phone by being a screen can have more functionality , like zoom in to help you be more precise in shaving or applying make-up.
    No idea if there are such apps but i assume there must be. They could also show you looks based on diff hairstyles, diff make-up, different lighting conditions, adjust music playlist based on your mood and ss on.
    Don’t see much upside in the mirror itself ( might be bigger but it’s less mobile so less convenient) and connecting it to the phone seems pointless, it’s advantage could be to be able to display info too and be used as a security cam.
    Then again that’s not the point here, services do add value but most price them in an unfavorable way, a mirror that sells makeup,hats, glasses ,jewelry to support the services would be fine,one that costs 10$/ month is just crazy

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