41 thoughts on “Three Years & Counting…”

  1. Happy Birthday GigaOM; Thanks for being a wonderful resource on technology. We really love reading the posts and comments too, this definitely is a source of intellectual bloggers and commenters.

    Keep up the Good Work.

    Boston, MA

      1. rather than chronological age, i think GigaOm has become a comfortable part of every day ‘tech’ life for your readers and feels like it’s always been that way…

  2. Om,

    I am extremely proud to be a part of the team via my contributions to Web Worker Daily. Congratulations to all for making the GigaOM Network the gold standard.


  3. @Om & GigaOM team,

    Congrats on 3 veery successful years. I think you’ve created one of the best tech blogs for analysis and debate, and I think the sophistication of the GigaOM audience reflects your work. Good luck in making the next 3 or more even more successful.

  4. First off, Happy Birthday GigaOm! To have taken the journey that you did not knowing what lay around the corner and to have endured in such challenging times and progressed is quite an accomplishment. This post was great as well and a toast to entrepreneurship!

  5. Congrats “O”…

    Your stuff has only gotten better! And in my mind is that the irony of Twitter is that I probably read more of your team’s blog posts today because of Twitter than I did when you using Google Reader.

    Grabbing my attention in 140 characters most often leads to your posts.

    My best wishes for a great and prosperous future.


  6. When opened twitter account and started using tinytwitter on my BB, I was following u automatically. Initially it irritated me because I was still following u irrespective of my several unfollow attempts.
    Then I started reading your posts, and I now feel glad that I was forced to follow. I learn so much from your blogs. I thank you and wish you the best with your startup. Congratulations on 3 years and I am sure many more to come.

  7. Straight from the heart. Nicely done and congrats on building something that is not only filled with useful info/data/stories, but, also something enjoyable. One of the few blogs that I visit on a daily basis because there is a high level of authority in a number of sectors you follow.

    Couple of suggestions:
    1) Once a month find a guest writer of the caliber of John Chambers from Cisco. I found that post to be awesome. I believe you may be only one of a couple of blogs that can pull that off (Chambers would never do that for TC).
    2) Once a month do a story on a particular emerging country that is making strides in either new innovative companies; who the local players are, are these vc backed (hopefully not) or friends and family, level of talent pool.
    3) Use more polls in your stories. I’ve found that a great majority of people that leave comments know the subject matter quite well (at least in sectors that I think I know a little bit). This would really bring additional light and color to your stories.

    Again, congrats to you and the team.


  8. Congratulations, Om. You have shown so many of us old cranky geezers how it should be done – and can be done.

    Please enjoy many more years of constructive work and take care of yourself in the process. Keep on rockin’ in the Free World.

  9. Congratulations. Thank you for the insights and analyses of tech news that you lay out in simple, straightforward texts that are easy to consume. I’ve learned a lot about the emergence of Web technologies and the influence of quality tech blogs, like GigaOm, to a tech community. I’ve enjoyed your content and oftentimes expressed my opinions. The most important thing that encourages me to keep coming back here is because you provide brief analyses of tech news that are different and unique that I cannot find anywhere else. Keep that kind of good work.

  10. Way to go, Mr. Malik! I have been a regular visitor to your website for last couple of years, ever since I first learnt of it from Business 2.0. Your team and you have been doing a great job, and we will have lot’s more to see in days to come! God Bless!

  11. First of all i would like to wish GigaOM a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.!!

    You guys are doing your job brilliantly. I really enjoy reading GigaOM. I hope you guys will keep up the good Work.
    Also the above story about how you guys came into existence collectively as GigaOM is really great. I enjoyed reading it too!

    Anyway Congrats once more OM & Team …God Bless!

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