8 thoughts on “Tim Armstrong: AOL is Brands & Platforms”

  1. Just as the the shift from newspapers to Radio to TV in the last century changed the consumption style for information and entertainment, This century is going to experience the same transition in the TCP/IP world.

    The internet today is predominantly text. And all the brands that Tim is talking about will eventually evolve to clearly distinguished formats for specific audiences. Search will still be an important part – but brands(which are really audience focussed platforms) are going to be more important than they are today. Products like Google TV will only help further polarization of the audiences and hence help focussed brands.

  2. Will the 3 people with AOL accounts stand up?


    We all have AIM accounts, seeing as they won’t let you delete them, but to me all AOL is = a bunch of discs in a landfill. They tried to mass send a CD to everyone back in the good ‘ol days, now their plan is to buy things that people like, over-market them, and water them down to the point that noone cares anymore. Like the cds of yesteryear all these projects that they are mass buying will fail.

    When will Yahoo and AOL realize that they are dead? I had a good laugh, I was helping my aunt out with her computer, and she had a JUNO account still, and I was honestly shocked…I basically live online, didn’t even know they were still around. With the Google’s of the world the Yahoo, AOLs, and Junos are nothing more than afterthoughts, or background characters at best.

    Good luck to TechCrunch, I was never a huge fan, I’m sticking to Giga.

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