6 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable Trials Broadband TV”

  1. Won’t last.

    Content people will come down hard on them for this stunt, as their contracts probably do not include any IP redistribution rights.

    The limiting factor in these types of services are not the incumbents, but the content people.


  2. Jesse: “75 channels” – so probably not only their content.

    However, Doc – redistribution over IP could be considered over “cable” – which are the same rights they are entitled to now. Thoughts?

  3. Brandon, don’t assume an IPTV channel is analagous to a broadcast tv channel. I think it will be more like a VOD channel, that might only have a handful of shows per month. After actually reading the article, it is clear that it is not all TW content, though — they talk about ESPN, for example.

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