14 thoughts on “Time Warner to make over $350 million-a-year from cable modem rentals”

  1. Im going to fios. Time warnner can keep their modem. Im fed up with their high prices poor,service and low quality of costumer care

  2. Go buy your own modem. At amazon if you dont want to go to best buy. What is the big deal? I am a Comcast customer and did this and the payback period is a like 1 year.

    1. It’s a big deal because not everyone has $50 to $150 to drop at one time on their own modem, which is why they are stuck paying the monthly fee. $3.95 a month is easier to come up with than shelling out a bigger amount all at once, although it’s more expensive in the long run. It sucks for people on a budget.

  3. If FCC won’t do anything about things like this, can’t the FTC do something? Oh yeah, they are too busy investigating Google’s so-called monopolistic practices.

  4. It was much easier than that. i pulled an old modem out of storage, called TWC Customer Care. Got bounced around to 3 different departments, but within about 30 minutes was able to give someone the new RF MAC and was told “you can use the new modem in 5 minutes”. This was done well after hours on a weekday.
    There is no technological limit against using any other DOCSYS 2.0 or 3.0 compliant modem, rather than just the Motorola modems they list. $18 on Amazon will get you an Abit/Ubee that will work fine. Their approved list is just to make it easier, in case you can’t read stickers on other modems to find the MAC, or do your research to see the DOCSYS compatibility level.
    Here’s betting craigslist is HOT right now with people trading old cable modems that they squirreled away, never knowing if they might be useful.
    (If you have over the Turbo speed (30mbps?) then you’ll need a more expensive DOCSYS 3.0 modem)

  5. PLEASE FIOS where are you. Watch FIOS come out and offer a great competitive package then within a year up the rates, up the fees etc just like TWC.

  6. This is why I’ve dropped cable completely. I spend $8 a month on Netflix and watch the rest of my shows online for free. Paying $50-60+ a month to watch shows on the day the new episode airs vs paying $0-8 to watch it the next day is definitely worth the 24hr wait for me. I do miss Jeopardy and just flipping through to find something to watch if I’m bored, but for the savings I will deal with it.

  7. another way for time warner to get more money from people i believe its time people fight back and write to the tv news station about time warner plus write to tv talks shows dame cable tv cost alot its a rip off

  8. Rather than spend $70-$80 for a modem from TW’s “approved list,” I figured I could just replace my current modem with the same model ($17.95 from a reseller). They didn’t like that at all, but they had no answer for why they couldn’t provide service on the very same model they wanted to rent to me for $4/month. It’s obviously an effort to railroad their customers (who don’t agree to the monthy rental) into purchasing upgraded Motorola modems, with a portion of the profits kicked back to Time Warner.

  9. Cable business is not a free market which is why we see such distortion. It is a pure monopoly with markets divided geographically amongst the cable providers. TWC can get away charging for an equipment that is necessary to deliver the service that the customer is already paying for.

  10. Here in PA, it’s not that easy. I already have docsis 3 modems, being in the IT industry. Since I have triple play, the Comcast router also supplies the tip/ring lines for the phone system. No off the shelf modem does it.

  11. I called up TWC as soon as I got my new bill with the extra fees (not just a modem fee, but suddenly TAX and a “franchise fee” too), and the rep on the phone told me that these modem fees are, and I quote, “mandatory because of new FCC rules”.

    Still searching for an official document to back that BS up.

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