3 thoughts on “Timing Ain’t Everything”

  1. Great post, I would like to point out that not every startup have the capital Elance had, Which really helped them to change their focus on another market for few years and then come back to their original idea.
    It is really hard to market a product who has no market or the market isnt ready yet.
    Long detour are sometimes excellent, while you experience others market and put your original product on hold, you have the ability to experience and learn and act better when dealing with the original ideas few years later. It is all about _experience_}

  2. A perception well explaned and more than relevant in our time when timing is everything, and yet it is still up to us to find the right timing but in case that has failed than it is up to us to create the timing.

    Loved the writing and the timing!!!}

  3. Competition sometimes is the main indicator if your product has a market, Usually if you are late to the market, it will be very hard for you to get a piece of this market, and that is only if you have an excellent product, _Lot of Money_ and Creative (If not crazy) Ideas to market it, it will require you to be very patient and the chances to succeed are somtimes very slim.
    But on other hand, if you are early to the market, it will require you the same amount of creativity and evern more money to market your idea and _Educate_ the crowd. Which is why I think many failed to succeed due to their product being _too_ innovative (there is no such thing, but i guess you get the idea) or too early.
    In conclusion, If you meant in “Create the timing” by taking a detour and then coming back or eventually, change/refocus on your business plan, then i agree with you that it might be the best idea. But if you meant by it that a company need to _educate_ the market in order to create an environment to sell their product, then you will need a very deep pocket VC to back your product, and you will likely work so hard to _create_ a market then _market_ your product to find out that several stealth startups are launching competitive products with much less products and stealing big chunks of the pie.}

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