2 thoughts on “Today at NewTeeVee Live, We Debate the Future of Internet Video”

  1. I just read on the NYT website how the old, stagnant media giants are finally starting to catch on to this. The first great example is Hulu. But Hulu is a product of a few companies coming together, leaving the rest out in the cold. So now MGM and others are starting to post full-length content on websites like youtube, looking to exploit a wider audience.

    With these companies scrambling around looking for ways to make some advertising dollars off of this new-found internet thingy, it will be interesting to see what this marriage looks like.

    And let’s hope these bandwidth caps don’t catch on.

  2. @Om – very good post

    AND after noodling on your new website design for about a week, I think its nicely done. But, the font size is very tough to read…just my feedback. cheers

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