8 thoughts on “What's There to TokBox?”

  1. Great analyze, Om, it’s probably shareholders agreement like Aol / Tacoda deal. How % gives to some few aol shareholders with blind contract.

  2. Hi Om, It’s Nick Triantos, the CEO of TokBox. I’d love to set up some time with you to talk with you more about our company and our future plans. Of course, I won’t be able to discuss the details with you in as great a depth as we did with Bain, but we’re pretty excited about the activity we have on the horizon (as was Bain) and would be happy to give you a glimpse into our future too. TokBox me any time to get it set up http://www.tokbox.com/Nick. Looking forward to speaking with you.

  3. Since we video-chat on Skype daily, James and I looked into TokBox last month and didn’t come away very impressed. We tried the Facebook integration and struggled from a usability perspective. In the end, we saw yet another Flash-based video-call app that offered marginal performance: our audio and video were often out of sync. For now, we’ll stick with Skype for better performance, a simple interface and mobile clients. Not to mention that the Skype user base is massive… something that TokBox and many others in this space need to contend with IMO.

  4. Sequoia also reinvested (which they wouldn’t if there wasn’t something big to this although I agree there are a lot of risks).

    And looks like your readers agree with Bain… the poll is showing 65% for tokbox at the moment

  5. Om – good analysis. Would love to chat with you about Eyejot (http://eyejot.com). We’re operating on a budget a zillion times smaller than Tokbox but have a realistic revenue model and actually have a growing audience of paying users utilizing our video email platform. People always asks us why Eyejot didn’t (or doesn’t) consider live video as part of our solution and our obvious answer is always why would we in the midst of Skype, iChat, etc. But, what we have excelled in, through robust features and focus, is creating the very best asynchronous video mail platform on the market today. We recently deployed document attachments for video mail (http://www.eyejot.com/help/attachments_adding) and it’s been received well by our users.

  6. I have to disagree. Tokbox allows video chat with many people at once. Skype does not. Also, people you invite to the call don’t need to install anything. You may be able to multi-video chat with iChat, but you better hope all those people are using a mac. The services tokbox provides are indispensable to our business. We often need to collaborate with multiple groups overseas, and I don’t know another more effective way to do this.

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