7 thoughts on “Tom and Katie Go Yahoo!”

  1. Media obsession with celebrities is idiotic, and so are the people that fuel the obsession–the tabloid reading public.

    Tom Cruise a moron, the fact that he has been able to replace our old “stars” like Cary Grant is only a testament to the decadence of our culture.

  2. Katie’s back must be killing her from always stooping over in photos to hide that she is 5 or 6 (maybe more) inches taller than Tom.

  3. hum, no, Tom Cruise is better than Grant, he has range. He can act in many genre. Oh, and Grant was more arrogant, don’t forget…

  4. you GUYS are MISSING the picture…..its the ””CAMERA PHONE”’ and OVTI makes the Cameras that go into all those CELL PHones taking the Pictures!


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