6 thoughts on “Tony, Toni, Online Column, Blog Post”

  1. Dude – actually he’s onto his third one – so far.

    It’s sounding real now. The first two – were a bit staid – but if you listen to the guy – he’s someone who has to cover his ass 24/7/365. So no wonder he’s cautious in his writing! He’s also a bureaucrat for christ sakes.

    Anyway his third post starts to show through.

    I think we can safely say he’s a CEO/exec kind of blogger – with not much extra time – he’s still putting in the effort. Time will tell.

    But needless to say – Tony is out there – fighting any fight he can – as long as you spell his name correctly.

    Watch for ver 2 of Always On – the GoingOn Network. You heard it here – first.


  2. Like I said, it is a great online column, not a blog post. see it is no spontaneous as a blog post should be. Well if version 2.0 is going to be GoingOn, well more power to Tony. He deserves all the wins he can get and has worked hard for it.

  3. Okay all your girly-men, this is the deal. Big-time dudes like Michael Powell (or little dudes too – see our “member blog” section to AO) can’t maintain their own blogs because they don’t have time. That is what AO is all about. We provide, in part, a place where busy folks can “guest-blog” if you will. In other words, when they have time, they can show-up on AO and chat it up just like the good Chairman did and then go away until they have time to do it again. In the meantime AO keeps the traffic up by doing what it does, including featuring other guest bloggers, so the audience is maintained.

    Get it?

    I also think you should be cheering on guys like Michael Powell who is interacting EXACTLY like we are here. There is really no difference. BTW, this is one of the only “blog sites” that is being negative about Powell’s attempt to blog.


    The original bloggers showed us the value of the open source media environment. But if you guys think that the only format this type of expression is going to take is going to be on one-person blog sites, you guys don’t get it. You sound like a bunch of liberals trying to control things because you know better than anyone else.

    Guess what? The free-market is starting to roll over all over you petty little definitions, and if you don’t get on board you run the risk of become artifacts of days gone by.

    In the meantime, give credit where credit is due. Most of us don’t have the time to sit around in our underwear taping away ot our keys (can you see Om now?) and not get paid for it.

    The bloggers started a revolution, AO is merely extending the revolution to people that have to put on their pants in the morning.

    This is a fund debate.

    P.S. I love you Om.

  4. P.S.S. Om, it is disingenuous to say Powell blog is not “spontaneous,” as he is a friend, I know for a fact that he is writing and posting it himself. You will notice thaty one post came on a Sunday, and there are a few typos, etc..

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