6 thoughts on “Too Many Remotes, or Harmony?”

  1. Too many remotes???? Every early-adopter geek know the answer to that – JP1. just search the web for this simple hardware, free software solution for programming your inexpensive remote from your PC. For example – http://www.hifi-remote.com/jp1/index.shtml

    Sure fits my model – the PC as value-add interface to non-pc devices.

  2. Well, as the saying goes, you’ve made your own bed, so you have to sleep in it. Apple is closed excellence, Windows is open mediocrity. The answer is living with a mediocre Operating System (most people’s choice) or having both.

  3. i will be saving pennies to buy a Windows PC one of these days. LoL. well i think you are right – its time to get one – just to know how better off we mac lovers really are.

  4. I use the Harmony 688 and it’s excellent. Software is easy to use and configuring the remote is simple – even for devices they don’t have in the database though that seems pretty complete.

    I’ve had a Philips Pronto (original) and it was nice, but the Harmony is much simpler.

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