12 thoughts on “Who is the World's Biggest Broadband Company? Find Out”

  1. I’m glad to see Comcast the top of the US list. I live in Marin County just north of San Francisco and the broadband service is very good. I check using Speedtest fairly regularly and consistently get >15Mbps down, >4Mbps up and around 15-20ms of latency. This was the last test I did in June:


    Now I just want the Remote DVR for iPhone to come out…

  2. What’s phenomenal about the Worlds Top 10 Broadband ISP’s is that they are all share the same telecom equipment provider and that is the behemoth, ZTE, based in China. It’s hard to get anything competitive done in the telecom or broadband arena without including ZTE or Huawei.

  3. One thing that clearly stands out in the analysis is the quality of the broadband in China vs. US, where China has 3.5 Mbps while US come sin at 16.5

    Is this further proof of the stigma associated with all products made in China that they are indeed not up to the quality we in the west have coem to expect?

    1. Sanjay

      It just might be that they are simply scaling up right now and in time would get to a point where China too will have higher quality/speed of broadband.

  4. Hello, I do internet technical support for the ISP Insight Communications. Your list appears to be outdated. We currently offer residential broadband speeds for 10Mbps & 20Mbps. Also 30Mbps & 50Mbps connections coming next month. Our 10meg connection is our basic service.

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