5 thoughts on “Tri-Mode 3G-WiFi Router-Bridge”

  1. I find the product interesting but I have to wonder if the “tricks” being employed are going to draw the ire of your mobile phone carrier? Also, where is GPRS support on this device? I know it’s not as sexy as the newer 3G stuff but frankly for us mere mortals who want an unlimited data plan T-Mobile is the only game in town at $20/mo for a public routeable IP unlimited data GPRS connection. I also see no mention of price anywhere on the site you linked to Om. It seems the site is more geared towards resellers who want to do bulk orders? I think I would rather stick with the DIY box approach I saw on Slashdot since its a bit more flexible in what I can make it do.

  2. i should be getting it tomorrow. price”is not availablg because it is being sold as part of the service offering. if you want i can get you the prices.

  3. Daniel, Thanks for the frank perspective… nope.. we do sell in single units… :o) and with gprs… if you wifi the connection… you’ll get about 20kbps per person… not really worth it…

    Om… hang in there for the router :o)

  4. You cannot get 200K upload speeds on EVDO and anyone that claims this is not telling the truth. EVDO uses the 1XRTT channel for uploads. This has a limit of 144K. It is impossible for it to go faster. Real world experience will yield in the 60K – 100K averages. The same holds true for 2000K EVDO, not going to happen. Now, if you want to read about how these claims can be made, visit this URL:

  5. Doesn’t This Violate Your Cell Contract?

    FYI: I paid a visit to the Cingular store and picked up the latest data service contract. It appears that the contracts are getting more restrictive as time passes. Here is what the current contract says:

    “Data Service sessions may only be conducted for the following purposes: (i) Internet browsing; (ii) e-mail; and (iii) corporate intranet access (including access to corporate e-mail, customer relationship management, sales force automation, and field service automation applications). Prohibited uses include, but are not limited to, using services: (i) with server devices or host computer applications, including, without limitation, Web camera posts or broadcasts, continuous jpeg file transfers, automatic data feeds, telemetry applications, automated functions, or any other machine-to-machine applications, (ii) as substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections or (iii) for Voice over IP. Furthermore unlimited plans cannot be use for (i) uploading, downloading or streaming movies,music or games or (ii) in conjunction with WWAN or other applications or devices which aggregate usage from multiple sources prior to transmission.”

    It would appear that the last part is clearly referring to cell routers like the Top Global, Junxion Box or Kyocera KR1, and quite possibly even Windows built-in Internet sharing service.

    I do not have the latest Verizon contract yet, but the older contracts seem very similar.

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