9 thoughts on “Twitter, Facebook & The Coming Global 3G Boom”

  1. First of all, all the best to Verizon Wireless. Yes, I think the next growth of 3G would be fueled by Emerging Asian Giants like India and China. Smart-phones are much cheaper comparatively to US and EU markets.

  2. 4G, Clear / Wimax core investors:

    Intel, Google, Sprint, Comcast, TimeWarner

    A groundbreaking Google App, portable of course, powered by an Intel processor, on a device exclusively available on Sprint’s network, with unlimited access to arts/entertainment/etc distribution owned by TimeWarner….accessed in wi-fi hi-definition on your couch in your house by Comcast…

  3. As both a user and a developer of mobile applications, what I want isn’t faster but more consistent connectivity. I use T-Mobile in Durham, NC, which features HSPA+ (I believe), and it’s fast enough to do what I want *when* it’s available. There are still far too many times and places where it isn’t. Hardly a day goes by without my being somewhere that I can’t get a 3G signal, and every few days I’m somewhere that I can’t even get an Edge signal.

  4. I’d say that mobile nirvana will come when wide area wifi is available with no carrier involvement. Purchase mobile internet device from whomever and immediately connect. The carriers have to be marginalized first.

    Mobile Internet Device + WideWiFi + Apps = Mobile Nirvana

      1. Ha, that’s why I didn’t put a time period on it. But, seriously we have to thank Steve Jobs for making a concerted effort to attack the carriers where it hurts. Maybe other companies now have the gumption to attack different areas of the carriers value chain.

        Water companies are dumb pipe providers and we like it that way. Electricity companies are dumb pipe suppliers. We need dumb internet pipe providers (for seamless fixed, wifi and wide-area wifi access).

  5. Wide area Wifi is prone to interference. even community one, doesn’t seem to be a success.

    I recently walk around Spain with a FON account, and barely got any coverage.

    HSPA+ on cheap phone is what we should all watch out for. The telco (in asia, anyways) are running out of ammo to do price war and are promoting (and discounting) this service. When they finally come up with the sub $100 smart phone with HSPA+, probably next year, we’ll see some serious play.

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