One thought on “Treo Madness sweeps the Nation?”

  1. I don’t understand it either… 160×160 pixel screen, 3,375 colours, keys of which 4 or 5 could fit on your finger nail… Why so popular? My P900 does more that the Treo, is more stable, lighter, MUCH bigger screen (208X320), 65,536 colours and I got this in the middle of last year! My P800 from 2 years ago ALSO out-specs this monstrosity! The American public is hilarious.. If a device runs Palm OS, they love it. If it crashes on them three times a day, they love it. If it gets a virus, wipes their drive, they love it. I mean, look at Windows and you see a perfect comparison. Quite a few people haven’t even HEARD of Symbian, but they’re so quick to denounce is as crap. Just today, this bloke came into my shop and tried to show off his “intricate” knowledge of smartphones. Yappin and yappin about the Treo. I pulled out my P9 and he was shocked. When he asked if it ran Palm and I cursed him out, he looked at me and blurted, “Well, what does it run?” I replied with a smug, “Symbian,” and he proclaimed, “I’ve never even heard of it,” and stomped out of my store. People can be such idiots! Like those Windows users that say “Macs and *nix boxes suck!” but when you sit one down in front of one, they haven’t the slightest clue as to what to do. Sorry about the long post but I just have really strong feelings against the Treo and their bloody ignorant users… Cheers

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