7 thoughts on “Dual personalities – Treo Vs Treo”

  1. being a big Palm fan, and living in Europe, I have been a happy treo650 user. Currently I am awaiting the 680, as it has some improvements over the 650 and still features the fabulous Palm OS. For those of you who look for other Palm OS phones, check gspda’s website. I have had a Xplore m68 (gsm) which is a pretty cool phone with some extensions in the Palm Operating system.

  2. A very cool feature that the Palm Treo has is that if you are a subscriber of Mercora.com, you can wirelessly access not only your digital music, but up to five friend’s digital music libraries, as well, using the “M” application. Through that, you have yourself the first wireless music player. Very cool stuff.

  3. Treo 680 or Samsung BlackJack?…that is MY question! I still can’t figure it out afte reading review upon review.

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