3 thoughts on “Trouble for Comcast?”

  1. CEO Brian once made a comment about how Comcast can’t get good paid VOD content because Walmart sells so many DVDs that it can dictate to the studios what and when it makes available on VOD. If Comcast wants to keep ARPU growing, they need to solve this problem. Perhaps, they missed a good opportunity with the failed Disney merger . . .

  2. Jesse

    I am not sure if they missed an opportunity with Disney. That’s a bad content play for them, and there are many other options for them. Sony-MGM deal actually is going to work out better. They have good working relationship with TW and Viacom. I think them not owning a big giant is ultimately going to play to their advantage. Sooner or later, when the demand for VoD is phat enough, even studios will play ball, WalMart or no WalMart

  3. I agree with you Om, I’m just not sure the market feels the same way. Another thing to consider is that Comcast’s window to be the man in VOD will close before the studios are ready to play ball.

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