15 thoughts on “Trouble Returns to the Land of Telecom”

  1. good post. survived through the last Telecom melt down. Think this was will be more manageable, at least I hope.

    the irony is the four AT&T advertisement banners on this page:)

  2. Speaking of phone companies with exposure to former high-growth markets—don’t forget Embarq/CenturyTel, the ILEC in Las Vegas. They were rapidly losing fixed lines, even during the boom…

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  4. I think what happened in October to Cisco was that the finiancial malaise start to hit in APAC and EMEA. Growth in North America had already had slowed to a crawl.

    These days the carriers are making their money on wireless and business services. So I think that that is where they will allocate their spending. You are already seeing these trends affect in the Telecom trade show space: http://blog.pr-vantage.com/?p=374.

    The consumer side is more defensive versus the cable guys. But that may force them to allocate some resources to IPTV and video.

  5. And I think China is actually ready to implode like we saw with Japan some years back. A lot of the export business they have had has been based on selling under cost despite what many people think. This economy has been riding on the rapid growth seen in the far east and [unless we are lucky] we are going to see even rougher times for the next few years.

  6. Very true the economic crunch has effected every area of life wheter its related to food or Information technology and now Telecom isn’t free from it . What i believe the early movers companies like vodafone had really squeezed the potential from the market now the followers are here to foreseek that crunch hoping thing to be get better soon.

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