12 thoughts on “True Lies of Music Industry”

  1. Om,

    If you haven’t done so yet I urge you to check out Spotify, this is a tech company that is the future of music.

  2. Learning in it’s simplest form is adoption (DNA) to ones environment.
    Learning for the brain is just fast adoption
    If innovation is a form of expressing something new learned by fast adoption. They admit that the have no brain, just do evolution (DNA).
    Now, we declare a Patient dead after the brain dies.
    Ergo they are dead (no brain).

    Ok to much fun.

  3. Speaking of record labels..

    Pardon me because I don’t know the whole story but did I hear the other day that that Castro dude American Idol contestant just recently got a record deal? I think he said it took a year?

    I’m not talking here about whether or not he should get a deal. Just how could it possibly take that long?


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