3 thoughts on “Truly wireless broadband?”

  1. Me Sir! Me Sir! Can I answer that one Sir?!

    OK, here’s what happens. It goes totally titsup. Because the reverse link isn’t really CDMA. And it was slow to start off with. And the channel grab and release is slow. And it takes a lot of spectrum. And it scales REALLY BADLY. But it looks great in a demo to the telco execs, and the bits per hertz figures for the downlink look good, so who cares, right?

  2. Yes that’s total correct.

    It goes tits up.
    I love the british way with words.

    What’s even worst is that the Forward link is NOT even CDMA, its CDSA (SingleAccess).

    That is to say, the way QCOM boosted the speed on DO, is to limit the complete channel to only ONE user at a time. One step forward, 47 steps back.

    So as the load increases the latency dies and throughput can really drop.

    Whenever I hear about DO, Sideshow Bob (from the Simpsons) always comes to mind.

    At CTIA the QCOM boys had 1xEV-DO Verison 2 on display. Which improves the latency (it matches Flarion on the demo) and the reverse link is finally upgraded. But when I asked them, who is buying this, who will deploy it, and why did they even waste their time when DV Rel D. is on its way?

    I got silence. Needless to say they didn’t cotton to me.

    PS. Oh and QCOM is a bunch of bloody wankers.

  3. talking about wankers, i think as more and more folks are signing on to this network i am using right now to read the posts, the performance is basically going down way down. getting around 60 kbps and it is near mid night. oh well. guys thanks for the explaination.

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