One thought on “Truth about Intel’s Earnings”

  1. I can summarize all of Intel’s problems in one word: Qualcomm.

    The CPU is no longer the king of all chips, its being replaced by real demand for wireless broadband processors.

    I’m not sure if you know this Om, so allow me this speculation.

    1) Via is a very large player in the chipset and motherboard business, plus they are gaining traction with their very low power, no fan required, and silent x86 compatible CPUs that are low cost.

    2) We know that Intel and MSFT have (ab)used their positions to extend and enhance their gatekeeper role, its been a nice little circle, but its coming to an end on many fronts.

    3) Just last month AMD shipped more x86 CPUs than Intel did for the first time ever. (Volume, not dollars)

    I promise this is building towards an actual point!!!

    And that point is this simply this: Intel can NOT lock Qualcomm out of the high-end laptop business because via an acquistion, VIA picked up a Qualcomm CDMA license.

    So, dramatic conclusion…, AMD x86 CPUs + Via’s chipsets and mobo + Qualcomm 1x EV-DO (or W-CDMA) radio processors, all spell massive problems for Intel in 2H 2005.

    A year from now, the cream of the low margin PC business could all being happening without any Intel Inside. Hmmm.

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