6 thoughts on “Tuning into MediaTuner”

  1. Already looking at it. It seems like it’s going to solve my dilemma of multiple aggregators for multiple things. I need a web based aggregator that does media for my home and work PC so it’s easier to coordinate what I’ve already seen. It looks to be a job well-done so far. I’ve encountered a few minor issues to this point and qualms, but hopefully they’ll listen to feedback and make this into an excellent product. You’re spot on. Bloglines should be paying very close attention to these guys.

    The bigger question I’ve asked them and I’m hoping to hear a response on is their directory of feeds. Are they planning to do it more like Bloglines, with a directory that contains all feeds that anyone subscribes to, or are they going to be in the business of driving traffic to a few pre-selected sites like they have it setup now? I understand the want to allow users to hit the ground running with some recommendations, but it seems like a dangerous business sanctioning certain sites over others (although, this is largely a bias on my part, being that sites of people I know well were included and mine wasn’t 🙂 ). As far as I know, at least from the videoblogging perspective, this was all done under the radar, and hearing it from you comes as a bit of a surprise. Videoblogging is still a pretty tight knit community (I know nearly everyone listed in the videoblogging category), and for someone to have not reached out to the community yet seems a little strange. Especially since they aim to drive a lot of traffic to sites that aren’t seeing much yet.

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  3. Clint,

    I agree. Bloglines is lagging as of now, and cool as it was, i find it already dated and boring. Rojo is another one which is pretty good, but these folks have gone ahead and done a spectactular job of putting a nice and easy to use wrapper around everything. keep me posted on your final opinions

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