14 thoughts on “Twitter Hacked by Iranian Cyber Army”

  1. I tried to retweet this, but I could not… I am just kidding. I truly hope that this power microblogging website will develop a stronger risk plan against malicious attacks and #fail access services. 2009 was a big coming out for Twitter and the integration in Google search is also a significant win in the search engine battle. Their failure to fight “the internet demons” will give cold feet to moguls like Google who make a bold move to integrate them, thus recognize the strength of this powerhouse.

    Best of luck, dear Twitter. Hope the little bird survives.

  2. @Raheja Delicious irony that you should use a comment on a blog post (web 2.0) to say that web 2.0 is a damp squib.

  3. It is amazing to see how easily hackers are getting account login information. Whom ever was responsible for the DNS information is probably going to be getting a talking to! Changing DNS records like like changing a phone number under a popular businesses listing in a phonebook. Still, changing DNS is one of the oldest tricks in the books!

  4. This is definitely an embarrassment for Twitter. They are a highly utilized service provider, and any service disruptions are quickly noticed. Hopefully they put together a plan to avoid situations like this in the future.

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