17 thoughts on “Twitter May Be Profitable — No, Seriously!”

  1. Twitter is nothing to shout about. It is quite obviously a temporary solution to real-time.

    It is not here for the long haul.

    1. Barney

      You can have your opinion, but my take is that Twitter is here to stay, at least for the near foreseeable future. I think the whole notion of real-time is a bit bogus and fitting Twitter into that thesis doesn’t make sense. Twitter is a new communications protocol and every day more new technologies emerge that are leveraging this protocol.

      So twitter the company might go away sometime in the future, the protocol is going to be around for a long time.

      1. Agree that its a new communication “protocol”.

        As far as the revenue model. I’m very happy for Twitter being able to recognize revenue and “breaking even”. But, if this is all they can generate from two of the largest balance sheet cash cows (MSFT & GOOG), with their growth starting to flatline it may be the beginning of the end. ok may be not the end, but, paying 40x earnings requires a huge growth curve with a a validated revenue and operating model. Even if you look out to 2013 and they can somehow achieve $100M in licensing revenue that is still 10x. No way jose!

    2. I’ll do the disclosure for “Barney”, since he didn’t do it himself…

      “Barney” is a scorned Friendster series A investor.


  2. How do i protect my tweets in order for it not to appear in any search results??? Someone???? The only people who want their tweets public are celebrities, news channels and attention seeking individuals. I’m neither.

    Teach me someone?

  3. Twitter is far from being a protocol. A protocol is defined by the three aspects syntax, semantics, timing. Would you call Google a protocol? I think not.

    It’s good to see that Twitter is making profit but the future will show if users want to stay dependent on one single provider for their core communication. My hope is that an open and compatible decentralized infrastructure is built.


  4. IMHO, Twitter’s business model is to eventually extort kickbacks from wireless service providers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc). Your message may only be 140 characters, but the data sent is more like 2.8K per message across the cell networks. Take 10% of the data charges generated by Twitter messages, and I’m sure they’d be comfortably in the black.

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