4 thoughts on “Tying Up Loose Ends: Microsoft, Yahoo, Nortel & Avaya”

  1. I wish AVAYA good luck. I doubt they can stay relevant in this ever evolving VOIP.
    Microsoft and Yahoo will have some success.

  2. “Bing debacle?” I use Bing rather than Google now, although initially I thought it was stupid. Consistently in blind tests I’ve picked Bing’s results over Google’s, and in the meantime I don’t give Big G more personal data they can use to try and sell me on their stupid advertisements.

    But, ya know, just imo.

  3. I wonder how much money they are losing for the cashback offers they are doling out this holiday season. They are consistently giving 20%+ cashbacks from Walmart and other major retailers including department stores and cellular service companies. I use bing just for this cashback :). Enjoy while it lasts.

  4. Congrats to Avaya on the go ahead. Nortel customers, not so much. Could be an interesting transition period for them. They might want to go SaaS as a way to evaluate their options while protecting what they have until Avaya officially announces how they’ll handle the upgrade path: http://www.onstate.com/nortel

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