7 thoughts on “U2: dudes you are so over…”

  1. Well every music troup has it hay day and may day. U2 is in its may day now. IMHO they should probably sit back and enjoy the royalty from all the music sales. But as a Die Hard U2 fan its still interesting to see the latest bunch doesnt have the punch and originality like these guys. Should I say hail Jessica and Ashley simpson 😉

  2. I still find there music incredibly compelling and hey they are such swell chaps to hang out with and have a beer.

  3. come on – the last good album they had was joshua tree. i am not a big fan anyway. its like bruce loosing his teeth as well. its something about aging rockers…

  4. yeah, Bono and the Edge might be funny and charismatic, but who listens to U2 today? last album I liked was Achtung Baby, and that’s like a decade ago.

    what made Apple think of U2? I mean, why U2?

  5. The Intel thing is truly bizarre as Intel is not “cool” in any way so it’s a straight money play. At least with the Apple stuff they are participating in an important shift in how music is distributed and with the commercial, unlike Moby, it is as much a promotion for U2 as iTunes (and they did a good job putting the band in the iTunes/iPod color motif, imo).

    I think we need to hold off at least until the new album is available. Vertigo is a pretty decent track. And you’re an idiot if you don’t thing “All that you can’t…” is a terrific U2 album.

  6. I guess that a technology company sponsorship has something to do with Bono joining the Valley’s gang. And in rest it’s simply back-to-back marketing – nothing more, nothing less.

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