11 thoughts on “UBS Turns Sour on Advertising, Even Online”

  1. UBS – Ben Schachter – same guy that had a $700 price target on a GOOG till this morning when he dropped it to $525. Took him long enough to get out of his slumber. UBS will certainly trim the price target again.

    In any other business – they would fire the guy that hired him – then fire him too. What a bunch of clowns….TBD

  2. how can Ben feel that Goog gets beefier and VCLK does not? They are both performance based networks. I could understand being down on CPM based brand only networks, comparatively, but being more sour towards one performance based network over another makes considerably less sense.

  3. what are the ramifications for comscore (SCOR)? They report @ the end of the month and we are looking for 7c on 28.3M in revs, but we havent ratcheted down numbers yet to account for the macro spillage – even if we did, the market has already priced in the worst, in our mind….@ $12, SCOR looks like a buy to us: if you look at the 20x EBITDA and 4x sales that its rivals fetched in deals over last 12 months.


  4. Om, you shouldn’t waste your precious real estate on sell-side analysts. If these analysts (Mark Mahaney, too) have shown anything, it is that they are always a day late and a dollar short. The sell-side provides almost no value. Like G said above, these guys are clowns and s/b fired. When this thing turns, they’ll be late on the way up, too.

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