3 thoughts on “Ultra Smart Breathrough”

  1. I tend to travel back and forth between the coasts a bit, either to meet at one of my Microsoft advisory group meetings or to present at a conference or two. If you travel as much, you might want to look into this great add-on that works with the Treo. Its a GPS in an SD form factor that is currently being tested. The kit comes with Mapopolis, the best mapping app for the Palm. Here’s a link: http://www.igolftech.com/sdgps.php.

    Joseph Fung

  2. If you’d rather skip the GPS, you’ll still find Mapopolis a boon if you have to walk around big cities in your travels. Its a fast, zippy mapping program. I’ve used both PocketPC and Palm versions, and they’re both excellent. The program is free. They sell the maps.

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