3 thoughts on “US phone companies are winning new TV watchers. Cable & satellite, not so much”

  1. I would probably switch out cable/internet for U-Verse. It would come down to broadband speed. Honestly, I wouldn’t even have cable if it wasn’t bundled with Internet. Between Hulu and Netflix, that’s most of my viewing.

  2. all i can guess is this: the first service provider to offer “pick your personal channels” package first will win. unless providers become a consumer based service rather than a source-based service , aside from the convenience of bundles and/or technology preferences, there’s just really no difference, and perhaps room for a new player.

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    Very interesting discussion on large-scale iterative computation that has implications in areas such as search, ads, ranking, clustering, and graph partitioning. Might take me a while to fully process (and a refresher on my old engineering degree) but glad to know smart folks are engaged to find solutions that create new opportunities that improve usefulness of data.

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