6 thoughts on “Vanishing Voice Revenues”

  1. CABLE VOIP====its ramping and its RAMPING BIGTIME!!! Today alone, 80,000 Cable Service Techs HIT the streets and made an average of 8 service calls today alone making 640,000 POTENTIAL SALES leads/installs of VOIP======Today, they landed 8000 today and will land another 8000 tomorrow! AND the next day===40,000 per week that the RBOC’s are losing=======its a NO WIN game for the RBOC’s! And once Level3 unleashes the ””Clearinghouse/Processing PLANT”” of peering on VOIP partners, the CABLES have another COST advantage!

  2. That’s only 2,000,000 per year at that miniscule rate it will take 17 years to get a third of the residential lines.

  3. i think most of the analysts are being cautious. also we might see a big transtition in the incumbent’s own networks/offerings as well. i bet there is a bit lethargy amongst consumers as well.

    i personally have a SBC connection for not voice reasons – my buzzer won’t work on a mobile/voip line. i never use it for any reason but it is still a $18 a month penalty.

  4. My biggest complaint as a consumer with SBC is that they don’t allow you to have a “naked” DSL line. They bundle it with the phone line as well, which I don’t use, but have to pay extra dollars for that. I think analysts should take this into consideration, when calculating costs and comparing DSL offerings with cable ones. With these sales tactics, telcos can’t get customers loyal. When the time is right I will abandon SBC without any doudbts.

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