18 thoughts on “Verizon, ALLTEL in merger talks?”

  1. Two quick points
    1) Verizon and VZW are two different companies, etc. Thus doing this deal is no BFD. In fact if Sprint gets a good price on spinning out its fixed lines, look to VZ to likewise for some of its lines and all of Alltel’s lines.

    2) VZW and Alltel’s wireless business have been merged (if not in name, then in act) ever since they signed their landmark superlow reciprical roaming deal to gain the majority of GM’s OnStar deal.

    When the FCC gave Nextel a 10mhz NATION-WIDE (ala ZZTop) block of 1900, they knew Cingular and VZW would respond. Better to gets these things into the market before the FCC approval of Sextel.

    Cingular grabs AWE, lots of Nextwave, etc.
    Verizon grabs Price, some Leap, some Nextwave, a little NorthCoast, and now Alltel (which also includes Western).

    Which is to say, I smell bankers.

    Next year will see a great wave of telecom IBs retiring. Thus its best to do the deals now. The swansong bonus is for the kids, don’t ya know. vbg.

  2. I was under the impression that Verizon and Verizon Wireless oprated as separate companies – hell, in different markets VZW acts like separate companies (just try to move from CA to NY and migrate your plan, I dare you).

    This being the case, I see the MCI and Alltell acquisitions as separate.

    Now if we’re talking about a Sprint merger…..

  3. I’m an Alltel customer and the weirdest thing just happened when I went to check my account through the voice activated menus… A VERIZON recording responded:
    “Welcome to Verizon wireless”
    So, I won’t confirm any buyout or take over rumors, yet will add my two cent’s worth of personal experience.

  4. This is a rumor that has been around in wireless circles for quite some time. I won’t be surprised if it does happen, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if it is just a rumor. There would be a lot of redundancy in the network, so if it does happen, look for VZW to be selling either A or B side in the redundant markets.

  5. Oscar, i’m an alltel employee, the reason that message popped up was becuase you were using a Verizon tower, so when you typed in the shortcut, it went to Verizons network. If you had typed 1800-alltel-1 it would have got you where you needed to go.

  6. I am a Verizon Wireless Employee. It would make great sense for Vzw and Alltel to merge for many reasons. First off being we have been in major roaming agreements and piggy-backing each others network for years. Where VZW doesnt have direct coverage, Alltel does and vice-versa. After the merge of Cingular/At&t, there isnt going to be any major threat to them any longer with now having 10+million more customers than VZW. At&t was in talks for taking over Alltel but there is NO WAY the FCC would pass that with AT&T’s history of monopoly. Sprint is pretty much stuck trying to get the nextel thing straight. It would be an easy merger between VZW and Alltel. As an employee, I would love having Alltel on board! That would make our service area hands down the best and largest. Alltel already has the geographically largest network. We would be able to expand EVDO coverage to areas we couldnt before and 1xRTT as well. And Verizon and Verizon wireless are completely separate companies.

  7. Being a former Verizon customer switching to Alltel..Im completely against this..Someone please stop all these mergers. Verizon was #1 they treated customers like a number and nothing more..This is why I went to Alltel who has been very good to me so far…I pray these two dont merge.I get all the service and benefits of VZW’s network and services from a company who still somewhat cares..If VZW is allowed to eat Alltel..I guess we just settle for what ever some giant facless wireless provider says we can have. VZW still carries the horrible faceless attiude that hurt them as Bell Atlantic and then hurt them as Bell Atlantic Ninex. I’m in South Carolina and AT&T wireless sucks here, and I’m sure we already know about Sprint so there is no need to even joke about switching to Sprint. CDMA is the majority here VZW or Alltel..I have been with both and wouldnt go back to VZW for the world, despite most of the people I know being with VZW..Experience VZW’s customer service..Thats all I can say..

  8. It’s ok by me if they merged, i been with Alltel since 2002, and mostly roam off of Verizon wireless towers, its like they take care of each other. Compared to sprint only providing service in some areas, Alltel did the right thing when they started up in the cellphone business, make a roaming agreement with another company so they would attract more customers. I am using a nokia 3589i Cellphone with Alltel, since Verizon and Alltel do not lock their phones, another reason i like them both. They even tell you how to program your phone. I think Alltel and Verizon wireless is going throw Sprint-pcs, T-mobile and Cingular out!!!! They keep their good work up!! I have no reason to dump them. Thank you Alltel for providing better coverage then Sprint!!!

  9. I work for Alltel and having just found out today about the Verizon/Alltel merger, I am excited in some ways and not in others. I’m not happy about the end of My Circle, but I am happy that we’re going to be a part of a bigger company with great service in more areas.

  10. I use to be a Customer Service Manager with Airtouch, one of the major companies that made up Verizon Wireless in 2000. What many people do not know, is that the portions and markets of VZW that were formerly Airtouch, that Airtouch and Airtouch were the same company. Having been in Cust. Serv. and my employees were supporting both agents on the A and B network of a cell site. So ultimately Verizon already owns parts of Alltel. What is going on now is the possibility of covering a larger market on both the A and B network under one brand. These talks have been going on for 8 years, and are finally coming to a head to be completed. So YES, Verizon Wireless will be taking over the existing markets that advertise as Alltel.

  11. Quick, question if there is a merger when will it affect the alltel customers? or when is the proposed date this merger will happen? If anyone knows…..

  12. What does happen when you merge does that mean that i will get better serivice even though i am still on alltel will i get verison wireless service also

  13. @Ti-Lea. I do webwork for Alltel and its expected to happen by the end of the year. Alltel said that there will be more info in your billing statements.

  14. I work for Alltel and it’s expected the merger will be complete toward the end of the year. Expect to see plenty of bill inserts to let you know what’s going on. Our customers’ are finding out information just as fast as us that work for Alltel are. We still don’t know for sure what their plan options will be after the merger. They could decide to use the My Circle so you never know.

  15. I work for alltel and what’s going to happen is that anyone who currently has My Circle will be grandfathered when the merger happens. So if you have My Circle when the merger happens, you get to keep it!

  16. Here is a quote from this thread, Zak stated – “So ultimately Verizon already owns parts of Alltel.” This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. You have no clue what you are talking about!!

  17. 2 Reasons why I am with Alltel.

    1. CDMA

    2. I HATE Verizon.

    Now what do I do. … My contract runs out in Jan ’09 and I WILL END IT. SHIT! Looking for a good CDMA cell company, any suggestions???
    I would advise other alltel customers to do the same. If you had verizon before you will understand. (Poor Customer Service, Billing issues, etc.)

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