2 thoughts on “Verizon (maybe) will bid for Sprint”

  1. Om,

    I think you are right on the money.

    VZW can look at a calender just like everybody else. If Cing-AWE took 9-10 months, then a proposed PCS-Nextel might piggyback on the same core research and perhaps take 8-9 months?

    What is important for VZW, re:PCS-N, is to delay this deal such that a new PCS-N would miss the 2005 X-Mas selling season.

    Lets remember that during a merger, a whole set of legal and contractual obligations befall the parties. One of the contractual obligations would be the standard MAC clause. (material adverse change)

    Thus a delay in the PCS-N merger means that the MSOs are locked out of any deal (except lowly T-M) for another year. This buys the RBOCs time to advance on the Video front.

    You gotta think that Cingular is pulling for a VZW-PCS bid, just to frustrate things. Regulatory approval? Who cares.

  2. Om,

    You should be a little more careful before putting a title like that on a piece. A bid hasn’t been made quite yet; WSJ just reported that Verizon had gotten the go ahead from Vodafone.

    Which Vodafone, incidentally, denied, not that even that means anything.

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